Crazy Polymath

  • The Truth about Hard Work

    When we are talking about hard work, we aren’t necessarily talking about physically working hard. On a physical level, depending on your current physical strength, a work could be easy, demanding, or impossible.

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  • Don't get Inspired by Others

    A friend of mine is a brilliant video game player. But his inspirations are Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. And he keeps experimenting with different entrepreneurial things. I am not saying that he can’t be a great entrepreneur.

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  • What's at the core of Self-Improvement?

    All the people writing and reading about habits, productivity, grit, mental toughness, and other things in the name of self-improvement are chasing just side-effects. The real thing is mastering your mind.

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  • Dealing with Physical and Emotional Pain

    Pain is inevitable. You can try to avoid it all your life, but it will show up at some point with surprise. You can’t stay away from pain forever, but knowing how to deal with it does bring some relief during its unexpected occurrences.

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